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Outwell 110704, Tenda 110704, Tenda Outwell

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The Outwell Rockwell 5 Dual Protector is designed to be used alongside the Rockwell 5 tent allowing for more space and extra protection. It offers protection from sun and UV rays with protection of up to UPF 50+ as well as bird droppings,tree sap and rain. The canopy can be positioned on the left or right side of the tent and features a silver-coated side to reflect the suns heat. If pitched on that side it will keep the tent interior cooler making it ideal for warmer days. Features Protects the roof from bird droppings, liquids dropping from trees, UV rays, rain etc. Silver side out reflects the sun for a cooler tent Protects the tents from heat by shading the roof and allowing air to flow below the Protector

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Amazon dual protector roof protector for rockwell 5 tent white-outwell € 127,90
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