Important First Steps libro per bambini, Libro di apprendimento

Important first steps libro per bambini, libro di apprendimento

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An instant downloadable follow-up resource for every new Christian!

You don’t have to wait until you can get to a Christian bookshop to find follow-up material for someone who just gave their lives to Christ. You can download this affordable book onto both your devices and get going straight away – one on one!

Every new believer in Jesus Christ has questions and needs guidance.

What are my responsibilities as a follower of Jesus Christ?
How does this affect my relationships at work and at home?
Do I join a local church?
What aspects of my behaviour should change?
What kind of purpose do I have in life?

In this much-needed and helpful study the practical ‘first steps’ of the Christian Life are covered. Each chapter includes discussion questions and suggestions for further reading.

‘A brilliant resource for new believers.’ Bryan Mowrey, Pastor, Jubilee Church, St. Louis, MO, USA

‘If “basics” refers to the mind-blowing, essential, central truths about Christianity, then this book is about the basics. Easy-to-read. Engaging. Clear. Fun. Inspirational. The concept of ‘read and discuss’ with a mentor is powerful.’ PJ Smyth, Pastor, Godfirst Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

‘Lex Loizides is a master communicator with a passion for bringing people into solid enjoyment of God's good news. In 'Beginnings' he has provided an excellent tool kit for doing just that.’ Joel Virgo, Church of Christ the King, Brighton, England

‘Lex has provided an easy accessible, biblical and practical book which will help many new Christians take important first steps as they move forward in their new life as a Christian.’ Steve Tibbert, Kings Church, London

‘This book makes the perfect gift for anyone who just became a Christian.’ Adrian Warnock, Blogger and author of Raised with Christ

Topics include: The importance of the Bible, the central role of the local church, prayer and the Holy Spirit, baptism in water and breaking bread, life and pressure in the workplace and home, living life with a new mission.

Lex Loizides is based at Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town and has nearly 30 years of ministerial experience. He has worked closely with local churches in many countries, helping them become more effective in evangelism. He is the author of several published hymns and is the author of the evangelistic study, ‘Take a Closer Look at the Claims of Christ’.

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