Shark Fan White Edition 14cm Computer case Ventilatore, Ventola

Shark fan white edition 14cm computer case ventilatore, ventola

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Tipo: Ventilatore, Diametro del ventilatore: 14 cm. Colore del prodotto: Bianco. Consumi: 4,32 W, Voltaggio: 12 V, Corrente limitata: 0,36 A. Dimensioni (LxPxA): 140 x 25 x 140 mm, Velocità di rotazione: 1500 Giri/min, Pressione ad aria: 1,069 mmH2O

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Hook Jaw – the nigh-on legendary great white shark that has haunted oceans and nightmares alike for decades…As the crew of the scientific vessel the Sola enter Somalian waters to study the group of great white sharks known as the ‘Virgin Brides,’ they soon fall foul of Somalian pirates, the US military and the infamous Hook Jaw! But who is the real hero of the story? Written by Si Spurrier and with art by Conor Boyle and Giulia Brusco, Hook Jaw revives the notorious Action comic strip created by Pat Mills and Ramon Sola that proved so controversial, it was banned! Collects Hook Jaw issues #1-5.

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